Railway Thematic Stamps
Railway Ferries or Ships of Railway Companies
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deutsches_reich657.jpg (62062 Byte)
Railway Ferry "Schwerin"
daenemark300.jpg (20043 Byte)
Railway Ferry "Fyn"
norwegen844.jpg (19887 Byte)
Railway Ferry "Storegut"
sowjetunion5642.jpg (24948 Byte)
Railway Ferry "Mukran"


Railway Ferries ? These must be ships, which have a relation to railways. I think it's not as easy. There are a lot of ships which have a relation to railways.

A Railway Ferry is a ship, which transports railway wagons and locomotives. It is a must therefore that railway tracks exist on the ship .

I include former Railway Ferries, which have been reconstructed as the railway ferries (as part of railway thematic on stamps) too.  

There have been ships announced as railway ferries in news or catalogues, which only transport passengers, but are the property of railway companies. These ships are not railway ferries in the sense of the above definition (the same definition you find in Hader/Meier "Eisenbahnfähren der Welt"), because there have been never railway tracks on the ships. However, as property of railway companies these ships are part of railway thematic. 

Future updates will also include the creation of a list with pictures of the stamps and ships.

I would like to express my thank to Keith Downing, England, Albrecht Peifer, Leipzig and Horst Przywecki, Berlin, who supported me with their  expert knowledge, to create this list.
I appreciate comments and critics to this list. Even working very carefully, it is possible to overlook something or make errors. Just send me an e-mail.

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