Railways and stamp collecting are two fascinating hobbies. Collecting railways on stamps combines these two interests.
Collecting stamps which picture trains and railways is called "railway topical collecting." When one collects all stamps which have any philatelic railway connection, it is known as "railway thematic philately."
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The following pages (which are under construction) are intended to give an overview of the railway thematic hobby, as well as providing additional data about existing literature and other sources of information. (I gratefully thank for the help of Norman E. Wright sen.)

The following services are planned:

  • A forum for railway thematic notions and definitions. Proposals from me have been included on the first page, and on the "General" page. They are open for discussion. Please tell me your opinion, or criticize my proposals.

  • Information about railway thematic, philatelic and technical literature and publications

  • To pubblish a stamp list with an existing ACCESS database, including more than 14,000 railway thematic stamps, minisheets (souvenir sheets) and varieties, including those which are not documented on existing web pages. Because of the restricted disk space available, this will be presented in parts. (Note: This intention will be delayed as the Michel catalogue publishers will not currently allow use of their numbers on these pages; I shall attempt to evaluate the specific issue date of every stamp and develop my own discrete numbering system). 

  • List containing stamps, which are included in catalogues (e.g. "Collect Railways on Stamps"), which are not railway thematic stamps 
  • As no listing of German railway thematic stamps exists on the INTERNET, I shall develop one. 
  • Lists covering specific elements of railway thematic collecting (currently these listings are in the German language); these include: 
      • Railway bridges  

      • Railway ferries and ships owned by railways  

      • Railway stations  

      • Railway routes (including streetcar/tram routes) on maps or city maps. 

Additionally, I will publish, in the web pages of the Internationale Motivgruppe Eisenbahnwesen,all new railway thematic stamps which I receive.   At the stamp lists, click the underscored word(s) to see an image of the stamps(s), with a detailed description.

Click on the small stamp image to view a larger image in higher resolution.
It is possible that keywords within the text will be linked to other pages.

As expected, the lists are not complete. As with other people, I am not error-free, and I shall greatly appreciate receiving your suggestions, corrections and tips.   Please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail either for or with more information. Each and every comment is welcome.

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