Railway Thematic Stamps
General Remarks

by Horst Brix (with support of Norman E. Wright Sr.)
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Let me share some things in general regarding railway thematics.

Railway Thematic includes all track-bound vehicles which are used to transport people and goods. Persons who have been responsible for the development, operation or implementation of railway travel also are included.

Within this subject are several specifics which I have classified. These include:

  •  Winged Wheels: Since winged wheels often are used as symbols by and for other means of travel (highway vehicles, aircraft, etc.), only those which clearly show a flanged (railway) wheel are accepted as railway thematics.
  • Personalities of railway thematic interest include people:
    • who contributed to the development and construction of a railway system.
    • who contributed to the construction of railway traffic and specific railway lines (companies). [Ministers of traffic would include only those who have made some particular major contribution].
    • who had a specific position in the operation of railways.
    • with other outstanding contributions to or activity within railway operations.
  • Cranes & Crane Systems qualify as railway thematics if they move on tracks.
  • Railway Ferries are distinguished from ships which are owned by railway companies, but do not transport trains or train cars (wagons). A detailed description may be found in my list of Railway Ferries 
  • Railway Bridges are distinguished from Bridges with Tram Tracks. A detailed description may be found in my list of Railway Bridges.


Aerial cable railways and lifts are not considered as railway thematics as they are not track-bound.

I am grateful to  Jon Digranes, who supported me with his knowledge and  und mir es mit der zur Verfügungstellung der technischen Möglichkeiten ermöglichte, eine solche Seite einzurichten.

Section Lists:
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Germany   (German Empire (Deutsches Reich) and Germany Berlin with pictures for every stamp, Old Germany partly pictured, text in German) 
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Changed June 04th, 2001