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You get: ems.jpg (136046 Byte)The bimonthly bulletin "Der Eisenbahn-Motiv-Sammler".  It includes extended reports about new stamps,blocks and sheetlets as well as stationaries and cancellations.
Congress A central meeting is organized every year in different cities of Europe.  Here you can enjoy the hobby at trading evenings, change of experience, specialist lectures and comfortable social  events. 
Finally it closes with the yearly member assembly, where technical questions of the association will be discussed and elections will take place. 
Trading days Trading days will be organized in different regions for members interested and everybody interested in railway thematic.
Cost of membership The current yearly fee is for::
all countries                            23,00 Euro
except Switzerland                 38,00 SFr.

If the membership starts after end of June, the fee for that year is only 50 % of the yearly fee. 
The account of the  der Motivgruppe ist:
Penn Motiefgroep Spoorwegen, Waddinxveen
IBAN: NL84 PSTB 0001329454

Juvenile   Pupils, students and  juveniles in education 2,50 Euro worldwide
Additional information you will find here